Dogfish Head 120 minute IPA Secondary Review by Z.P. and D.P

Dogfish Head
120 minute IPA
Review by Z.P,
Appearance – Copper colored with some light sediment.
Smell – Straight up hops. It even smells a little alchololy.
Taste – Alcohol at the start then there are some very complex hop flavors in the middle the end is very earthy with a slight woodiness. The aftertaste is just a lingering hoppiness but not bitter.
Mouthhfeel – Thick, slightly cloying.
Drinkability – I imagine this is amazing on a hot day in the sun or while golfing.
Closing Notes – I have been after this beer for a couple years now and I am pleased with it. It is a very complex beer with a ton of flavors. It is certainly something to drink on special occasions at $10+ a bottle.
Overall – 4.5

Review by D.P.

ABV – 15% – 20%
Appearance – Medium  amber color,  slightly cloudy,  nice foamy head,  suspended sediment.
Smell – Very strong….smells like paint thinner.
Taste – Sweet at first,  incredibly powerful hop sensation,  alcohol,  somewhat fruity oddly enough.  No strong bitter aftertaste at all.
Mouthfeel – Smooth as silk.
Drinkability – Pretty awesome,  but for sipping only.
Notes – It took forever to get my hands on one of these,  but it was worth the wait.  Happy to try it,  but honestly there are plenty of other beers I’d rather drink.
My call – 3.5


Stella Artois Premium Lager Secondary Review by D.P.

Stella Artois
Premium Lager
ABV – ?
Appearance – Light golden,  almost clear.  Ample head,  attractive.
Smell – Clean and fresh,  like standing in a field of grain.
Taste – Refreshing balance,  hint of sweetness,  short snap of tartness at the finish.
Mouthfeel – Exquisite.
Drinkability – Without a doubt,  delicious and refreshing.
Notes – Should be drunk from a chalice.  Not an original idea I’m aware,  however,  entirely true.
My call – 4.5

Estrella Damm Inedit Secondary Review by Z.P.

Estrella Damm
ABV – ?
Appearance – Dense,  amber color.  Nice bubbling action,  nice head.
Smell – Tart and yeasty.
Taste – Tastes like a honey cough drop…..exactly.  Nice aftertaste,  though.
Mouthfeel – Pleasant.
Drinkability – It depends on how much you like cough drops.
Notes – The little booklet which stands in for a label claims this is a blend of lager and wheat beer styles.  I can’t really distinguish these individual traits.  An unnoffensive brew.
My call – 3.0

Troegs Flying Mouflan Secondary Review by Z.P. And D.P.

Flying Mouflan
ABV – 9.3%

Review by Z.P.
Appearance – Caramel brown.
Smell – Hoppy, straight up hops.
Taste – Sweet and Malty at the start. The middle is a little rusty almost metallic, but it isn’t unpleasant. The end is a lingering hop flavor.
Mouthfeel – Heavy.
Drinkability – It tastes a bit heavy but it is good. The alcohol shines through at the middle.
Closing Notes – It is pretty good, it can apparently be cellared I would like to try that if I can get my hands on another bottle at some point.
Overall- 3.5

Review by D.P.
Label – Flying Mouflan – Tröegs Brewing Co., Harrisburg, PA
ABV – 9.3%
Appearance – Dark,  looks like a strong tea,  nice foamy head,  perfect concentric rings of brussels lace,  neat!
Smell – Hoppy.
Taste – Caramel at first,  then hops take over.  Strong alcohol finish with a hint of sweetness.
Mouthfeel – Good.
Drinkability – Sure.
Notes – Interesting flavors,  not too complex.   Well worth trying.
My call – 3.5

BrewDog Riptide Secondary Review by Z.P.

ABV – ?
Appearance – Very dark red.
Smell – Dark fruits and chocolate and wood, possibly oak.
Taste – The start is strong, lots of big roasted flavors then it mellows to an EXCELLENT roasted grain flavor with some nice sweetness from dark sugars.
Mouthfeel – Almost sticky. But it is nice.
Drinkability – I love this. I would drink an entire 750mL of it.
Closing Notes – This is incredible. The highlight of my beer drinking weekend thus far. Simply incredible flavors with great scents and just overall great style. It is worth noting the description on the side of the bottle is fantastic as well. Sad to hear this beer is being discontinued.
Overall- 4.5

Mississippi Mud Secondary Review by D.P

Mississippi Mud Famous Slow Brewed Black and Tan Porter and Pilsner Beer
Mississippi Brewing Co.
ABV – ?
Appearance – Nice cola color,  rich foamy head.  Comes in an awesome one quart jug.
Smell – Sour fruit and malt.
Taste – Sweetness strikes the tongue first,  followed by a rich taste of coffee grounds.  Flavor sort of trails off to a very mild,  almost unnoticeable finish.
Mouthfeel – Good.
Drinkability – Worth trying,  for sure.
Notes – Why the Mississippi Brewing Co. is in Utica, NY is somewhat baffling.
While tasting,  I had to take a quick look around because I literally thought somebody had stuffed a spoonful of coffee grounds into my mouth.
My call – 3.0

Sierra Nevada Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale Secondary Review by D.P.

Sierra Nevada
Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale
ABV – 5.5%
Appearance – Dark tea-like color with a rich frothy head.
Smell – Coffee
Taste – Coffee,  coffee,  coffee,  followed by a quick burst of sharp bitterness which envelopes the back of the mouth.
Mouthfeel – Nice.
Drinkability – No reason not to.
Notes – Tastes so much like coffee,  they could put it on the menu at Starbucks.
My call – 3.5