Butternuts Beer and Ale PorkSlap Pale Ale Secondary Review by Z.P.

Butternuts Beer and Ale
PorkSlap Pale Ale
ABV – ?
Appearance – Slightly cloudy amber color. Very nice lace.
Smell – Pineapple. Very pleasant.
Taste –  Mellow hops at first followed by a nice malty middle with a slightly bitter aftertaste.
Mouthhfeel – Simple.
Drinkability – Very Smooth, I could easily drink more than one
Closing Notes – This beer is quite good. I tried it a few weeks ago and plan on visiting their brewery in a few weeks. I would like to drink a few, but I imagine I would be Porkslapping(see the picture on the can) the people I wad with after a few of these.
Overall – 4.0


Dundee Pale Bock Lager Secondary Review by D.P.

Label – Dundee Pale Bock Lager – Rochester, N.Y.
ABV – 6.2%
Appearance – Crisp clear golden color,  nice head,  etc.
Smell – Rich malt smell with hints of vegetation.
Taste – Sweet start,  caramelly middle,  potent alcohol finish,  mildly sweet aftertaste.
Mouthfeel – As one of my early dates said while in the back seat at the passion pit, “Mmmm….feels pretty good!”
Drinkability – A well balanced bock;  nothing overpowering,  sure I’d drink another.
Notes – Dundee makes good bock,  yeah!
My call – 3.5

Dundee India Pale Ale Secondary Review by D.P.

Label – Dundee India Pale Ale – Rochester,  N.Y.
ABV – 6.3%
Appearance – Straw color,  ample head,  very nice looking.
Smell – Citrusy yumminess.
Taste – Strong hop presence at the start.  Quick beer-like middle followed by a sharp stab of alcohol and an extended bitter finish interposed with little flecks of sweetness…..interesting.
Mouthfeel – Good.  Kind of sticks to the insides of your cheeks.
Drinkability – Go for it. (A classic timeless expression.)
Notes – Anyone who disagrees should be on the alert for a flying dropkick at any moment.
My call – 3.5

Ommegang BPA Review by Z.P. & D.P.

Ommegang Brewery
ABV – 6.2%
Appearance – Slightly hazy straw, with a HUGE off white head.
Smell – Grapefruit(Amazing)
Taste – Very hoppy with a grapefruit middle, the end is like a farmhouse though…
Mouthfeel – Pleasant.
Drinability – Easy to drink.
Closing Notes – I had just whacked some golf balls around the yard before I drank this, and I tell you what, it hit the spot.  If there wasn’t that strange almost unpleasant farmhouse taste near the end of my sips I would like it much more.
Overall – 3.5

Review by D.P.
Appearance – Hazy gold
Smell – Fruity hops,  hints of orange
Taste – Varying degrees of hoppiness: mild start, mellow middle, citrussy hop aftertaste.
Mouthfeel – Nice,  somewhat phlegm generating at the finish.
Drinkability – Yes!  Delicious.
Notes – I’m fairly certain the Belgians never created a Pale Ale….in fact, the tour guide at Ommegang said as much.  This beer is more of a tribute.  However,  call it what they may, this beer is delicious and I enjoyed it thoroughly.
My call – 4.0