Diesel Sixpoint Craft Ales Review By Z.P.

Sixpoint Craft Ales
ABV – 6.3%
Appearance – Dark Mahogany.
Smell – Hops through and through.
Taste – Hops at first then we get some roasted grains in the middle with a lingering sticky piney flavor.
Mouthfeel – Sticky.
Drinkability – It is drinkable. Not my favorite though.
Closing Notes – I have heard a lot about this brewery, and most of it good, but for me this beer just wasn’t pleasing to most of my palate. I would try their other beers though.
Overall – 2.0



Butternuts Beer and Ale Snapperhead IPA Secondary Review by D.P.

Butternuts Beer and Ale
Snapperhead IPA
ABV – ?
Appearance – Pours nicely,  a bit cloudy, honey colored, nifty brussels lace.
Smell – Strong floral notes and tropical fruits.
Taste – Sweetness at first,  pleasant middle.  The taste of grains peek through at the finish,  followed by an interesting,  barley infused,  mildly bitter yet lingering aftertaste.
Mouthfeel – No complaints.
Drinkability – Try it,  if you like IPA’s,  you won’t be disappointed.
Notes – This beer is like the Led Zeppelin song, “Achille’s Last Stand”.  It starts out with the rolling drums and thumping bass which are soon joined by Robert Plant’s rocking vocals.  The finish is an overlay of instruments,  lyrics and background ah, ah, ahAH’s,  and crescendo-ing oh oh oh oh oh oh oh’s.  The lingering aftertaste is the guitar moaning out the last mournful notes which slowly fade into oblivion.  You are left wanting more.
My call – 4.5

Dogfish Head 120 minute IPA Secondary Review by Z.P. and D.P

Dogfish Head
120 minute IPA
Review by Z.P,
Appearance – Copper colored with some light sediment.
Smell – Straight up hops. It even smells a little alchololy.
Taste – Alcohol at the start then there are some very complex hop flavors in the middle the end is very earthy with a slight woodiness. The aftertaste is just a lingering hoppiness but not bitter.
Mouthhfeel – Thick, slightly cloying.
Drinkability – I imagine this is amazing on a hot day in the sun or while golfing.
Closing Notes – I have been after this beer for a couple years now and I am pleased with it. It is a very complex beer with a ton of flavors. It is certainly something to drink on special occasions at $10+ a bottle.
Overall – 4.5

Review by D.P.

ABV – 15% – 20%
Appearance – Medium  amber color,  slightly cloudy,  nice foamy head,  suspended sediment.
Smell – Very strong….smells like paint thinner.
Taste – Sweet at first,  incredibly powerful hop sensation,  alcohol,  somewhat fruity oddly enough.  No strong bitter aftertaste at all.
Mouthfeel – Smooth as silk.
Drinkability – Pretty awesome,  but for sipping only.
Notes – It took forever to get my hands on one of these,  but it was worth the wait.  Happy to try it,  but honestly there are plenty of other beers I’d rather drink.
My call – 3.5

Dundee India Pale Ale Secondary Review by D.P.

Label – Dundee India Pale Ale – Rochester,  N.Y.
ABV – 6.3%
Appearance – Straw color,  ample head,  very nice looking.
Smell – Citrusy yumminess.
Taste – Strong hop presence at the start.  Quick beer-like middle followed by a sharp stab of alcohol and an extended bitter finish interposed with little flecks of sweetness…..interesting.
Mouthfeel – Good.  Kind of sticks to the insides of your cheeks.
Drinkability – Go for it. (A classic timeless expression.)
Notes – Anyone who disagrees should be on the alert for a flying dropkick at any moment.
My call – 3.5

Gritty McDuff 21 IPA Secondary Review by D.P.

Gritty McDuff’s
21 IPA
ABV – ?
Appearance – Cloudy Amber,  lots of foam.
Smell – A cross between grapefruit and hay.
Taste – Mild hop taste,  mild bitter aftertaste.
Mouthfeel – A touch oily.
Drinkability – I will drink exactly six of these.
Notes – Pretty mild for an IPA.  It’s like taking the space shuttle to go and do your grocery shopping.
My call – 3.0

Lagunitas Maximus Ale IPA Review by D.P.

Maximus Ale IPA
ABV – ?
Appearance – Medium straw.
Smell – Grapefruit prevails.
Taste – Grapefruity hoppiness persists into the first sip and then balances out ending in a quick, bitter aftertaste.
Mouthfeel – Smooth.
Drinkability – I drank two,  if that means anything.
Notes – It’s like a trip to New Jersey to visit family.  It’s great to see everybody,  but it’s always nice to get back out of New Jersey too.  In other words,  you’ll enjoy this beer but you’ll be glad to have one of your favorites again.
My call – 3.5

Endo IPA Review by D.P.

Endo IPA
ABV – ?
Appearance – Medium amber.
Smell – Sweet and fruity.
Taste – A touch of caramel at first,  strong hop influence which eventually overpowers everything else.
Mouthfeel – Good.
Drinkability – Drinkable.
Notes – The label claims that they’ve gone “over the top with hops”.  I have to agree.
My call – 3.0