Imperial Stout Trooper New England Brewery Review By Z.P. & D.P.

Imperial Stout Trooper
New England Brewery
ABV – ?
Appearance – Dark, very dark, like the very depths of the darkest depths of space. Dark mocha colored head.
Smell – Sweet, almost chocolatey,
Taste – Dark chocolates at first, the middle has an alcohol bite and the end is some very nice roasted grains.
Mouthfeel – Creamy, like a milk stout.
Drinkability – Yeah, I could dig drinking these on a cold night. All night. Forever.
Closing Notes – First off, this is a Star Wars beer, try it solely based on that. Then appreciate the delicious flavors that come with it. Quality beer and I was super pumped to be able to get it.
Overall – 4.0

Review By D.P.

Appearance – Deep, dark, dense liquid with a chocolately foamy head…like wookie fur.
Smell – Awesome sweet aroma like chocolate liqueur. Reminiscent of Darth Vader’s breakfast slurry. Yum!
Taste – Chocolate, coffee, grains, as complex as Obi-Wan-Kenobi’s fighting skills.
Mouthfeel – Silky smooth, like Princess Leia’s tunic.
Drinkability – Yes, search the galaxy for this brew.
Notes – If the Ewoks ate yabba-yabba leaves exclusively and drank naught but the fermented syrup of the chocco-plinko vines, and this caused them to poop out yummy little candy-bars……..ummmm never mind.
My call – 3.5



Tröegs Imperial Amber Nugget Nectar Ale Review by D.P.

Imperial Amber Nugget Nectar Ale
ABV – 7.5
Appearance – Murky, dark straw.
Smell – Grapefruits and oranges,  flowery notes about mid-glass.
Taste – Grapefruit start,  apricot finish. Interesting,  refreshing fruity flavors.
Mouthfeel – A little bit thick.
Drinkability – For an occasional pleasure,  yes!
Notes – Pour this beer into a glass and you create a whirling vortex of hop induced flavors and aromas which seize your senses and draw them into a new dimension of piquant delight!  You love the vortex,  you want to stay in it,  and you actually will, thanks to the 7.5% alcohol.
My call – 4.0