Dogfish Head 120 minute IPA Secondary Review by Z.P. and D.P

Dogfish Head
120 minute IPA
Review by Z.P,
Appearance – Copper colored with some light sediment.
Smell – Straight up hops. It even smells a little alchololy.
Taste – Alcohol at the start then there are some very complex hop flavors in the middle the end is very earthy with a slight woodiness. The aftertaste is just a lingering hoppiness but not bitter.
Mouthhfeel – Thick, slightly cloying.
Drinkability – I imagine this is amazing on a hot day in the sun or while golfing.
Closing Notes – I have been after this beer for a couple years now and I am pleased with it. It is a very complex beer with a ton of flavors. It is certainly something to drink on special occasions at $10+ a bottle.
Overall – 4.5

Review by D.P.

ABV – 15% – 20%
Appearance – Medium  amber color,  slightly cloudy,  nice foamy head,  suspended sediment.
Smell – Very strong….smells like paint thinner.
Taste – Sweet at first,  incredibly powerful hop sensation,  alcohol,  somewhat fruity oddly enough.  No strong bitter aftertaste at all.
Mouthfeel – Smooth as silk.
Drinkability – Pretty awesome,  but for sipping only.
Notes – It took forever to get my hands on one of these,  but it was worth the wait.  Happy to try it,  but honestly there are plenty of other beers I’d rather drink.
My call – 3.5


Gilded Otter Beer Garden Secondary Review By Z.P.

Gilded Otter
Beer Garden

Huguenot Street Pilsner – Simple, tastes a little like cardboard and Pine. Drinkable, but Pisners aren’t my favorite style.
Naked Under Me Kilt – Crisp and clean hop flavors followed by some nice roasted grains.
Three Pines IPA – Hoppy, and sweetish, very good, typical IPA flavors.
Dusseldorf Altbier – Very robust grain flavors and slight sourness but not in a bad way. Very very good.
Chief Magsaysay Porter – Strong coffee grains at the start mellows out into some roasty grain flavors. Delicious.
Clove Valley Pumpkin Ale – Tastes like Eggnog…I am not sure this is a beer I would drink again…And I like Eggnog.

This review is a little different as  had to try 6 styles and I couldn’t conduct full reviews of each as it was a sampler.  But here it is anyway.