Tagus Original Secondary Review by D.P.

ABV – 4.5%
Appearance – Golden,  sharp.  Impressive effervescence.  Rich head.  A nice looking beer.
Smell – Malt and green vegetables.
Taste – Sweet, honey-like taste,  start, middle, and finish.  Very mild sense of bitterness in the aftertaste.
Mouthfeel – Not bad.  Maybe a bit syrupy.
Drinkability – Sure,  why not?
Notes – The honey flavor prevails but is not overpowering.  The 8.45 oz. bottle is cute.  Just a touch too sweet for my liking,  kind of like the annoyingly nice and condescending woman who answers the phone when you call to complain about a utility bill.
My call – 3.0


Dogfish Head Midas Touch Secondary Review by D.P. & Z.P.

Dogfish Head Midas Touch
9% ABV

Review by D.P.
Appearance – Hazy honey color,  weak head
Smell – I smell a touch of honey
Taste – Honey, cereal, strong alcohol finish.  Lingering sweetness on the lips.  Not much carbonation
Mouthfeel – Smooth,  a bit syrupy.
Drinkability – Interesting,  a little too sweet for my taste.
Notes – The high alcohol content left my head abuzz with wondrous ideas and amazing inventions,  so I can easily imagine a gaggle of ancient wizened wizards drinking this beer for inspiration.  My suggestion to you would be to drag out your father’s Uriah Heap album – The Magician’s Birthday,  listen to the title cut while drinking this beer and experience some magic.  I challenge you…..I challenge you all!
My call – 2.5

My Take Review by Z.P.
Appearance – Hazy Amber, had a really good head.
Smell – I get a lot of grape smell.
Taste – First I just taste alcohol, in the middle I taste the grapes and the aftertaste is a lingering honey flavor.
Mouthfeel – This is strange, but numbing.
Drinkability – I could easily drink at least 3.
Notes – The initial taste was really a let down, I didn’t want to taste all that alcohol right away.  I expected to taste gold when I drank this, but instead I only got copper.
Rating – 2.0