Diesel Sixpoint Craft Ales Review By Z.P.

Sixpoint Craft Ales
ABV – 6.3%
Appearance – Dark Mahogany.
Smell – Hops through and through.
Taste – Hops at first then we get some roasted grains in the middle with a lingering sticky piney flavor.
Mouthfeel – Sticky.
Drinkability – It is drinkable. Not my favorite though.
Closing Notes – I have heard a lot about this brewery, and most of it good, but for me this beer just wasn’t pleasing to most of my palate. I would try their other beers though.
Overall – 2.0



Ommegang Adoration Secondary Review by Z.P.

ABV – 10%
Appearance -Dark mahogany.
Smell – Spicy like clove.
Taste – Strong dark fruit flavors at the start. Excellent start one of the best I have had. The middle gets a lot of alcohol flavor. The end is a lingering mellow sweetness. Delightful.
Mouthfeel – Spicy, but in a great way.
Drinkability – One is probably sufficient. It is pretty heavy.
Closing Notes – This is the winter seasonal from Ommegang and it is the highlight of the seasons beers for me. Absolutely wonderful.  I would say, without a doubt that this is the finest beer that Ommegang makes. I have since gone back to the Cafe at Ommegang 4 times just because they still have some on tap and I will get it EVERY time they have it.
Overall- 4.5