Butternuts Beer and Ale Snapperhead IPA Secondary Review by D.P.

Butternuts Beer and Ale
Snapperhead IPA
ABV – ?
Appearance – Pours nicely,  a bit cloudy, honey colored, nifty brussels lace.
Smell – Strong floral notes and tropical fruits.
Taste – Sweetness at first,  pleasant middle.  The taste of grains peek through at the finish,  followed by an interesting,  barley infused,  mildly bitter yet lingering aftertaste.
Mouthfeel – No complaints.
Drinkability – Try it,  if you like IPA’s,  you won’t be disappointed.
Notes – This beer is like the Led Zeppelin song, “Achille’s Last Stand”.  It starts out with the rolling drums and thumping bass which are soon joined by Robert Plant’s rocking vocals.  The finish is an overlay of instruments,  lyrics and background ah, ah, ahAH’s,  and crescendo-ing oh oh oh oh oh oh oh’s.  The lingering aftertaste is the guitar moaning out the last mournful notes which slowly fade into oblivion.  You are left wanting more.
My call – 4.5


Gilded Otter Alt Bier Secondary Review by D.P.

Gilded Otter Alt Beer –
Gilded Otter Brewing Co. New Paltz, NY.
ABV – ?
Appearance – Looks like a glass of pepsi.  Virtually no head in spite of pouring straight down the middle of the glass.  No brussels lace.
Smell – Smells like toasted coffee.
Taste – Unique sweet coffee-like start,  middle is like toasted grains.  A lovely,  slightly bitter aftertaste.
Mouthfeel – Mild carbonation,  but smooth and comfortable.
Drinkability – I received a growler,  which didn’t last long.
Notes – Amazingly delicious paired with pepper encrusted dry salami!
My call – 3.5