Butternuts Beer and Ale PorkSlap Pale Ale Secondary Review by Z.P.

Butternuts Beer and Ale
PorkSlap Pale Ale
ABV – ?
Appearance – Slightly cloudy amber color. Very nice lace.
Smell – Pineapple. Very pleasant.
Taste –  Mellow hops at first followed by a nice malty middle with a slightly bitter aftertaste.
Mouthhfeel – Simple.
Drinkability – Very Smooth, I could easily drink more than one
Closing Notes – This beer is quite good. I tried it a few weeks ago and plan on visiting their brewery in a few weeks. I would like to drink a few, but I imagine I would be Porkslapping(see the picture on the can) the people I wad with after a few of these.
Overall – 4.0


Butternuts Beer and Ale Snapperhead IPA Secondary Review by D.P.

Butternuts Beer and Ale
Snapperhead IPA
ABV – ?
Appearance – Pours nicely,  a bit cloudy, honey colored, nifty brussels lace.
Smell – Strong floral notes and tropical fruits.
Taste – Sweetness at first,  pleasant middle.  The taste of grains peek through at the finish,  followed by an interesting,  barley infused,  mildly bitter yet lingering aftertaste.
Mouthfeel – No complaints.
Drinkability – Try it,  if you like IPA’s,  you won’t be disappointed.
Notes – This beer is like the Led Zeppelin song, “Achille’s Last Stand”.  It starts out with the rolling drums and thumping bass which are soon joined by Robert Plant’s rocking vocals.  The finish is an overlay of instruments,  lyrics and background ah, ah, ahAH’s,  and crescendo-ing oh oh oh oh oh oh oh’s.  The lingering aftertaste is the guitar moaning out the last mournful notes which slowly fade into oblivion.  You are left wanting more.
My call – 4.5

Tagus Original Secondary Review by D.P.

ABV – 4.5%
Appearance – Golden,  sharp.  Impressive effervescence.  Rich head.  A nice looking beer.
Smell – Malt and green vegetables.
Taste – Sweet, honey-like taste,  start, middle, and finish.  Very mild sense of bitterness in the aftertaste.
Mouthfeel – Not bad.  Maybe a bit syrupy.
Drinkability – Sure,  why not?
Notes – The honey flavor prevails but is not overpowering.  The 8.45 oz. bottle is cute.  Just a touch too sweet for my liking,  kind of like the annoyingly nice and condescending woman who answers the phone when you call to complain about a utility bill.
My call – 3.0

Sierra Nevada Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale Secondary Review by D.P.

Sierra Nevada
Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale
ABV – 5.5%
Appearance – Dark tea-like color with a rich frothy head.
Smell – Coffee
Taste – Coffee,  coffee,  coffee,  followed by a quick burst of sharp bitterness which envelopes the back of the mouth.
Mouthfeel – Nice.
Drinkability – No reason not to.
Notes – Tastes so much like coffee,  they could put it on the menu at Starbucks.
My call – 3.5

Dogfish Head Punkin Ale secondary Review by D.P.

Label – Punkin Ale – Dogfish Head
ABV – 7%
Appearance – Copper color,  almost the color of pumpkin pie.
Smell – Smells like barf.
Taste – A rush of spices,  not necessarily a pleasant start.  Tastes like it smells.  Mellows out to a more tolerable middle and finish.  Strong taste of alcohol.  A very slight suggestion of pumpkin pie at the finish.
Mouthfeel – Perfect.
Drinkability – Worth a try….ignore the smell.
Notes – Now I know how Linus felt;  waiting all night for the Great Pumpkin,  only to be vastly disappointed.
My call – 3.0

Saranac Pumpkin Ale Secondary Review by D.P.

Label – Saranac Pumpkin Ale  –  Matt Brewing Co., Utica N.Y.
ABV – ?
Appearance – Rich copper color.
Smell – Spices and sour yeastiness,  strong clove presence.
Taste – Spicy start,  spicy middle,  spicy finish,  spicy aftertaste. I don’t taste any pumpkin.
Mouthfeel – Pleasant.
Drinkability – Tasty, yes,  but a little overbearing after a while.  One is sufficient.
Notes – Drink one of these with your favorite witch and maybe you’ll get a treat!
My call – 3.0

Dundee India Pale Ale Secondary Review by D.P.

Label – Dundee India Pale Ale – Rochester,  N.Y.
ABV – 6.3%
Appearance – Straw color,  ample head,  very nice looking.
Smell – Citrusy yumminess.
Taste – Strong hop presence at the start.  Quick beer-like middle followed by a sharp stab of alcohol and an extended bitter finish interposed with little flecks of sweetness…..interesting.
Mouthfeel – Good.  Kind of sticks to the insides of your cheeks.
Drinkability – Go for it. (A classic timeless expression.)
Notes – Anyone who disagrees should be on the alert for a flying dropkick at any moment.
My call – 3.5