Ommegang BPA Review by Z.P. & D.P.

Ommegang Brewery
ABV – 6.2%
Appearance – Slightly hazy straw, with a HUGE off white head.
Smell – Grapefruit(Amazing)
Taste – Very hoppy with a grapefruit middle, the end is like a farmhouse though…
Mouthfeel – Pleasant.
Drinability – Easy to drink.
Closing Notes – I had just whacked some golf balls around the yard before I drank this, and I tell you what, it hit the spot.  If there wasn’t that strange almost unpleasant farmhouse taste near the end of my sips I would like it much more.
Overall – 3.5

Review by D.P.
Appearance – Hazy gold
Smell – Fruity hops,  hints of orange
Taste – Varying degrees of hoppiness: mild start, mellow middle, citrussy hop aftertaste.
Mouthfeel – Nice,  somewhat phlegm generating at the finish.
Drinkability – Yes!  Delicious.
Notes – I’m fairly certain the Belgians never created a Pale Ale….in fact, the tour guide at Ommegang said as much.  This beer is more of a tribute.  However,  call it what they may, this beer is delicious and I enjoyed it thoroughly.
My call – 4.0


Samuel Adams White Ale Review by Z.P.

Sam Adams White Ale
Boston Beer Co.
ABV – ?
Appearance – Slightly hazy golden yellow.
Taste – First I get some spices, and a creamy orange middle with a combination of the two at the finish.
Mouthfeel – Creamy
Drinkability – Easy
Closing Notes – This beer is quite good, it would probably be excellent outside in the summer while grilling in the heat.
Overall – 4.0

Gnomegang Review by Z.P.

Ommegang Brewery
ABV – 9.5%
Appearance – Cloudy golden straw.
Smell – Smells mostly like Alcohol, but there is some Malt in there.
Taste – Slapped in the face with Alcohol, mellows to a malty middle and a pleasant sweet finish.
Mouthfeel – Slick
Drinkability – One glass is enough.
Closing Notes – I was really excited about the beer after I took a tour of the Ommegang Brewery because it was a limited run and it sounded super amazing.  This isn’t to say that I didn’t enjoy it, but I had way higher hopes.  The initial taste of alcohol is a little overbearing.
Overall – 3.5

Honey Moon Review by Z.P.

Honey Moon
Blue Moon Brewing
ABV – 5.2%
Appearance – Golden, like a summer day.
Smell – Sweet, like oranges.
Taste – Orange at the start, in the middle there is a sweetness almost like honey and the aftertaste is malty and lasting.
Mouthfeel – Creamy
Drinkability – Smooth
Closing Notes – This beer is pretty sweet, as in flavor, which isn’t a bad thing but it isn’t my favorite.  Overall it is pretty good, but I would be more inclined to drink it with dessert or something.
Overall – 3.0

Aventinus Weizen Review by Z.P.

Schneider & Sohn
ABV – 8.2%
Appearance – Very cloudy brown, the color is a turnoff….
Smell – Alcohol and red fruits.
Taste – Alcohol, then something like pine trees, followed by an EXCRUCIATINGLY bad aftertaste that just doesn’t seem to quit.
Mouthfeel – Oily
Drinkability – I drank like 3 swigs and was done with it.
Closing Notes – I have nothing to say other than I did not enjoy this AT ALL. It almost made me sick to drink it.
Overall – 0

Dreamweaver Review by Z.P.

Dreamweaver Wheat Beer
Tröegs Brewing
ABV – 4.8%
Appearance – Super cloudy but amazingly gold.
Smell – Banana
Taste – I get a lot of wheat and banana throughout the drink, and that is about it.  That isn’t a bad thing though.
Closing Notes –  This beer is quite delicious and it made me daydream about a land where all beer styles and brands were readily available….ahhh, if only.
Rating – 4.0

Samuel Adams Revolutionary Rye Ale Review by Z.P.

Samuel Adams Revolutionary Rye Ale
Boston Beer Co.
ABV – ?
Appearance – Deep amber.
Smell – Hops and grains.
Taste – Initially I get pine, and the middle is citrusy from hops, the aftertaste is a lingering grain or cereal flavor.
Mouthfeel – Sticky
Drinkability – Easy enough.
Closing Notes – I might drink a bunch of these and get on a boat full of crates of tea and then throw all of the crates overboard. (I know D.P. wrote something like this in one of his reviews, but mine is more appropriate with this beer, AND I wrote it first, just published it later. We tend to think a lot of the same things however.)
Overall – 3.0