Session Premium Dark Lager Black – Secondary Review by D.P.

Session Premium Dark Lager – Black   – Full Sail Brewing Co.,  Hood River, Oregon
ABV – 5.4
Appearance – Dark and opaque,  like strong tea. Nice color, seems a bit dark for a lager
Smell – Sharp crisp vegetable smell, like asparagus,  mingled with a slight suggestion of coffee beans.
Taste – Coffee flavor abounds,  gentle hop aftertaste,  the bottom of the glass tasted like clay.
Mouthfeel – A little sticky
Drinkability – I kind of enjoyed it actually.  I could easily drink two,  not so sure about three.
Notes – Picture ancient seafaring warriors braving heartless sea and raging storm for new lands to plunder while their women wait at home tending to the meager crops, raising the children and cursing the gods for their wretched fate. The marauders spy land,  man the longboats and head for shore prepared for battle only to find an uninhabited stretch of primeval forest.  That’s how this beer makes me feel.
My call – 3.0


Dogfish Head Aprihop – Secondary Review by D.P. & Z.P.

Review by D.P.
Dogfish Head – Aprihop IPA,  Dogfish Head Craft Brewery,  Milton Delaware
ABV – 7%
Appearance – Murky,  burnt staw color.
Smell – Tangy fruit and hops
Taste – Nothing at first,  then a sudden burst of tangy apricot flavor which stays with you throughout the long bitter aftertaste. The last mouthful is pure apricot.
Mouthfeel – A little thick,  seems to create a lot of phlegm.
Drinkability – Interesting,  but not something I’d go out of my way for.
Notes – I once saw what I was told was a dogfish while on a fishing trip years ago.  It was hideous.  That has nothing to do with this beer review however,  and that’s how I feel about apricots and beer;  one has nothing to do with the other.
My call – 2.0

My Take Review by Z.P.
Appearance – Brown, looks slightly hazy, almost like a wheat beer.  No head, nice bubbles though.
Smell – Hoppy, and metallic fruit.
Taste – Initially like toasted rice, apricots in the middle, then an overwhelming toasted grain at the end.
Mouthfeel – Thick
Drinkability – Isn’t difficult to drink, but isn’t particularly fun to drink either.
Closing Notes – I had very high hopes for this, I like Apricots, and I love IPAs.  The flavors I got from this were just not what I was expecting.  Drinking this beer is almost like your favorite band putting out a new album, and when you listen to it, you realize you just don’t like it as much as their other stuff.
Rating – 1.5

Breckenridge Agave Wheat Secondary Review by D.P. & Z.P.

Breckenridge Agave Wheat (Wheat Ale Brewed With Agave Nectar) – Breckenridge Brewery of Colorado,  LLC Denver
ABV – ?
Appearance – Dense, light straw color, presumably due to the yeast.
Smell – A bit of citrus,  smells like typical wheat beer.
Taste – Dulls the tip of the tongue like novocaine.  Slight, almost lemony taste with a baled hay-like finish.
Mouthfeel – Overpowering tongue tingling carbonated sensation.
Drinkability – Not a lot of flavor going on here.  If the agave is doing anything,  I’m not picking it up.
Notes – This beer reminds me of swimming in the ocean.  I’ll do it once in a while,  but I don’t really enjoy it all that much.
My call – 2.5

Sierra Nevada Kellerweis Hefeweizen – Secondary Review by D.P. & Z.P.

Sierra Nevada – Kellerweis Hefeweizen – Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Chico, CA
ABV – 4.8%
Appearance – Unique color,  like smokey lemonade,  hazy from suspended yeast – so says the bottle,  impressive Brussel’s lace.
Smell – Awesome,  sweet yeast with a faint hint of banana.
Taste – Intriguing;  starts with a very mild quasi-banana taste, followed by a somewhat neutral but pleasant middle and a sharp tangy finish.  A few moments later you experience a mild, spicey aftertaste.
Mouthfeel – A touch harsh with a slight stickiness
Drinkability – Delicious,  the acidic finish is a bit too much for me.
Notes- To paraphrase the great Dr. Seuss;  I would drink this in a house,  I would drink this with a mouse,  I would drink this from terra-cotta,  I would drink this Sierra Nevada.
My call – 4.0

My Take Review Z.P.

Appearance – Very cloudy golden color, awesome lacing.
Smell – Like bubblegum and clove.
Taste – The start tastes like clove, the middle I get banana, and the aftertaste goes back to a little bit of clove with a lingering yeast flavor.
Mouthfeel – Creamy and slightly sour.
Drinkability – Very pleasant
Closing Notes – The multitude of flavors in this beer are great.  The clove adds a bit of spiciness, in a good way.  The only downside is that the clove makes me think of Christmas, but here’s hoping to unwrapping a 6 pack of this Christmas Morning.  This is one of my favorite wheat beers.
Rating – 4.5

Ommegang Rare Vos – Secondary Review by D.P. & Z.P.

Review by D.P.
Ommegang – Rare Vos – Ommegang Brewery,  Cooperstown,  N.Y.
ABV – 6.5%
Appearance – Nice straw color,  ample head,  great bubbling action,  impressive lace
Smell – Strong yeast smell,  slight hint of citrus
Taste – Nothing significant stands out,  strong alcohol finish,  delayed slight burnt aftertaste
Mouthfeel – Sort of thick,  somewhat cloying
Drinkability – Okay…..not great, as I had hoped
Notes – Sort of like an incomplete mystery novel.  By that I mean it really grabs your interest at first,  but the final chapter leaves you hanging and curious.
My Call – 2.5

My Take Review by Z.P.
Apprearance – Light Amber color, huge head, but I had a very bad pour.
Smell – Slightly fruity, quite yeasty.
Taste – Initial taste is lightly fruity, the middle is a huge creamy yeast flavor, the aftertaste is metallic.
Mouthfeel – Creamy
Drinkability – Easy to drink
Notes – Semi-Complex flavors mellow and easy finish.  Enjoyable to drink.  It makes me think of watching foxes slyly meander about in a field.
Rating – 3.0

Hobgoblin Dark English Ale – Secondary Review by D.P. & Z.P.

Hobgoblin Dark English Ale
Wychwood Brewery
5.2% ABV

Review by D.P.
Appearance – Deep dark copper color
Smell – Something like red licorice….smells yummy
Taste – A bit of burnt wood,  a touch of caramel,  strong hoppy finish,  sharp extended aftertaste (lasts exactly two minutes and 48 seconds)
Mouthfeel – A touch grainy,  like 320 grit sandpaper on the tongue.
Drinkability – One is interesting…… two in a row would be a bit too much for me.
Notes – After a day of wielding one’s mighty battle-axe, hewing down hordes of evil orcs,  one could easily retire to a crackling fire in a wooded encampment,  perch upon the stump of a felled oak and quell one’s raging thirst with this hearty brew.
My Call – 3.0

My Take by Z.P.
Appearance – Brown, but light enough to see through.  Very nice head and lacing.
Smell – I smell Caramel.
Taste – Malty, then sweet like honey, the finish is long and roasty, but it isn’t unpleasant.
Mouthfeel – Sticky, but that isn’t a bad thing.
Drinkability – I could drink a few no problem.
Notes – I think this should be called Giant’s ale, because that is what I felt like after I drank it.  This beer is delicious, and it made me want  hurl boulders at Mt. Olympus.
My Call – 4.0

Heavy Seas Loose Cannon Hop3 Ale – Secondary Review by D.P.

Heavy Seas Loose Cannon Hop3 Ale – Clipper City Brewing Co. LP,  Baltimore, MD
ABV – 7.25
Appearance – Dark Straw,  cloudy, no doubt due to the yeast in the bottle
Smell – Canned Pineapple
Taste – Like an orange at first,  pleasant hoppy finish.  Aftertaste suggests cotton candy…..odd.
Mouthfeel – Bites the tip of the tongue,  a little dense,  you’re aware of the alcohol.
Drinkability – Enjoyable
Notes – When the machines take over and we are huddling in fear in abandoned mines and forgotten caves,  it would be nice to have a couple sixes of this brew stashed away to nurse while plotting the re-establishment of humanity.
My Call – 3.5